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15 Roasted Grains with Yam 12 Sticks + Black Grain Mix Powder 12 Sticks + Roast Grain Latte 12 Sticks + Pumpkin Yam Tea 15 Sticks | Total 4 Boxes

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  • Individually packaged sticks (12 or 15 sticks), just add water, milk or soy milk
  • Sweet pumpkin has widely been loved as a healthy food with its high contents of starch, minerals, and vitamins and simply by its good taste.
  • Yam is a good source of saponin and other nutrients that are helpful for our body.
  • Grains contain many vitamins and carbohydrate. So, It is great for peoples who have indigestion, busy work hours, and youth.
  • Korean traditional healthy roasted grain drinks - product of South Korea