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Honey Ginger Tea 27.16oz (770g) + Honey Quince Tea 27.16oz (770g) - 2 Bottles

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  • Our honey tea is a high concentrated liquid-type tea that is produced with selected prime Korean fruit through a process of cutting and sugaring along with people's taste. It is safe to have the fruit flesh from the ginger/quince farmed without agricultural chemicals and added pure honey. It does not contain any chemical component such as coloring or preservative. Enjoy our sweet Honey Ginger/Quince Tea for all seasons, be healthy
  • DELICIOUS AS A TOPPING FOR PASTRIES AND DESERTS: Eat this with Scones, on Toast, in a Smoothie, with Yogurt, on Oatmeal, on Ice Cream, in a BLT, on English Muffins, on a Salad Dressing, with Ade/Cider/Juice/Cocktails, the combinations are endless