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Honey Ginger Tea 27.16oz (770g) + Honey Quince Tea 27.16oz (770g) + Honey Jujube Tea 27.16oz (770g) - 3 Bottles

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  • KOREAN MARMALADE Tea: For ages, Koreans have been preserving certain tea ingredients such as yuja, jujubes, and plums in sugar and honey. This later developed into honey marmalades called "Chung" (청). Very popular in Korean households for their delightfully sweet taste, these marmalades are most often enjoyed as tea.
  • Our honey tea is a high concentrated liquid-type tea that is produced with selected prime Korean fruit through a process of cutting and sugaring along with people's taste. It is safe to have the fruit flesh from the fruit farmed without agricultural chemicals and added pure honey. It does not contain any chemical component such as coloring or preservative. Enjoy our sweet Honey Ginger/Quince/Jujube Tea for all seasons, be healthy