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Honey Ginger Tea A, Ginger with Honey, 35 OZ, (1Kg) x 2 Bottles

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  • Our honey ginger tea is a high concentrated liquid-type tea that is produced with selected prime Korean ginger through a process of cutting and sugaring along with people's taste. It is safe to have ginger flesh from the ginger farmed without agricultural chemicals and added pure honey. It does not contain any chemical component such as coloring or preservative. Enjoy our sweet Honey Ginger Tea for all seasons, be healthy
  • Eat this with Scones, on Toast, in a Smoothie, with Yogurt, on Oatmeal, on Ice Cream, in a BLT, on English Muffins, on a Salad Dressing, with Ade/Cider/Juice/Cocktails, You name it, the combinations are endless
  • DIRECTION: Take 25g(about 3-4 teaspoons) of liquid Tea with hot/cold water, milk, or soy milk. And stir well before drink. Add Topping depends on your taste