Benefits of Corn Silk

Antioxidants help your health.
Oxidation stress is one of the main causes of cell strains and aging in our bodies. Now, there is a chemical in the plant that is responding to this kind of oxidative stress.
It’s called an antioxidant. Flavonoid antioxidants in Corn Silk oxidize. It can help your health by reducing stress and reducing cell damage caused by active oxygen.

It helps your health with anti-inflammatory action.
Inflammation is an immune response that keeps our body healthy in response to bacterial invasion, but it’s caused by an excessive immune response. It also causes various diseases. Corn Silk has an ingredient that calms down inflammation. It has the effect of relieving various symptoms caused by it.

It lowers blood pressure.
hypertension common chronic disease in adults, and the number of hypertension patients in Korea exceeds 10 million. According to the report, 26.9% of adults over the age of 30 in Korea have hypertension. This is not just a problem for our country. According to the World Health Organization statistics, hypertension is pre-existing
It's the number one cause of death. An eight-week study found out that the group who took Corn Silk extracts shows significant levels of lower blood pressure compared to the group that did not.
It has cholesterol control.
Due to westernization of diet, lack of exercise due to indoor life, and genetic factors, hyperlipidemia patients are increasing. Bad LDL cholesterol in the blood is the major cause of hyperlipidemia cardiovascular disease. A study conducted with Corn Silk extracts showed that it lowers the bad LDL cholesterol level and increase good HDL cholesterol levels.

It helps blood sugar control.
According to data released by the Diabetes Association in 2018, the number of diabetes patients in Korea exceeded 5 million. Diabetes can cause serious complications such as blood vessel damage, so we need to be extra cautious. The antioxidant in the Corn Silk is known for reliable source for helping blood sugar control.

It helps your health by action of diuretic

The action of diuretic is helping our body to release water out of the body, which it also helps to release unnecessary waste from body. Corn Silk has an ingredient that helps with diuretic, which it also helps releases kidney stones.

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