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Lemon Iced Tea

Lemon Iced Tea

A 20-count box of Lemon Iced Tea Individual Packets is included, each containing fine black tea with added lemon extract and xylose sugar - a natural sugar found in wood - and no caramel pigment. Easy stick packet opening makes it convenient to enjoy.
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How to enjoy

Iced Tea
- Put 1 stick of the product into cold water (90mL) and add ice according to your preference.

Hot Tea
- Put 1 stick of the product into hot water (90mL) and enjoy it warm

Stick Packaging

20 Sticks

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Lemon Black Tea

We combined the zesty and tangy flavors of lemon with the rich and bold flavors of black tea. Let's enjoy the sweet and refreshing taste of iced tea with lemon in our everyday lives.

Xylose Sugar

We use Xylose sugar, which retains the sweet taste while reducing sugar absorption in the body. Try our refreshing and crisp iced tea with peaches to quench your thirst in the hot summer.

Hot or Cold

Enjoy our tasty iced tea, hot or cold. Savor the refreshing flavors, whether warm or chilled. It's your choice, and both are delicious.